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    The Beverwijk was a steel hulled suction cutter dredge. She was scuttled on the 6th May 1963 and now lies upside down in 46m of water in the ships graveyard with her bow pointing toward Barwon Heads. The suction pipe is still prominent on the bow section as is a lot of her pumping gear.

    There is a large shaft with a large wheel at each end at the southern end of the wreck.

    The hull can be penetrated in calm seas. Lots of fish life, see our gallery.

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    Water type: Salt
    Water Temperature: 10-20C
    Certification: Tech45
    Depth: 46M
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    1. Brett Hemphill Beverwijk Wreck
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      Probably one of the best and most recognisable wrecks in the graveyard. The depth is great as you get a long bottom time, you can enter the main hull of the wreck and spend considerable time in there with bulls-eye fish everywhere and of course there are the wheels and shaft sitting off the wreck to the south which is a real treat to check out.

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