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    The Ozone was built in 1886 near Glasgow, in Scotland. She was 80 metres in length with paddles that were 7 metres in diameter and could steam at 20 knots.

    She was commissioned by the Bay Excursion Company and relocated to Australia where she made pleasure trips from Melbourne to sea side towns like Mornington, Sorrento, Queenscliff and Port Arlington.

    She was first operated in Port Phillip Bay in 1886 and hit the Queenscliff pier on her maiden voyage, she continued until 1918 when was withdrawn from service and then subsequently dismantled and sunk near Indented Head in 1925 where she still remains. She hit had a collisions in 1889 with Elfin and another in 1894 with the vessel May.

    In 1991 the starboard paddle collapsed, but this makes for an interesting part of the dive as you will see in our gallery. The wreck is spread over a large area and can easily be seen from the waters surface. Snorkelers can also easily experience most of the wreck as she is only in around 3-4 metres of water.


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    Water type: Fresh
    Water Temperature: 10-20C
    Certification: OW
    Depth: 2M
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