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    In 1874 Samuel Ramsden of Melbourne commissioned the ship to be built in Glasgow Scotland  and named after his wife Eliza. The cost was 10,000 pounds

    It was a three masted iron ship and 43M in legth. It sunk in 1875 on her first voyage out of Melbourne when she struck Corsair rock on her way to Newcastle.

    The Eliza was abandoned and no lives were lost, it then floated overnight and slowly drifted back into the bay and sank where she now lies on the edge of the shipping channel off Point Nepean. For many years her masts remained above sea level, the masts collapsed in the 1960’s and posed a danger to vessels using the channel. Her masts were then demolished with explosives.

    She now lies upright in 14 meters to the top of the bow and around 21 meters at the stern, which is quite badly broken up however the donkey boiler is still visible.

    She can only be dived when there is no shipping. She a a great dive for open water divers and also gives photographers ample time to capture that special shot.

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    Water type: Salt
    Water Temperature: 10-20C
    Certification: OW
    Depth: 21M
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