Scuba Diving Melbourne (SDM) is dedicated to providing people with the best resource and active social network available online to those who wish to participate in diving in and around Melbourne.

Melbourne and surrounds has some  of the most diverse dive sites anywhere in the world. Dives range from shore dives in 3-5 metres of water with the famous seadragons at Portsea and Flinders to 100 metre wall diving and over 60 wrecks including the famous J-Class submarines in Bass Strait.

We have detailed information on all types of dive sites such as: shore dives, reef dives, wreck dives, deep cavern and sinkhole dives and also cave dives

We also have information on courses from learning to scuba dive (Open Water) to technical, rebreather (CCR) and professional courses, we also make it easy to find a suitable training provider.

The site is regularly updated so make sure you come back occasionally as there is likely to be something of interest for everyone. We are always looking for historical photos and information.

There have been many contributors and we thank all of you for your input.

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