If you are planning a holiday or just thinking of trying something different, then your decision to learn to dive in Melbourne is an excellent one. Why? The conditions will challenge you, the training providers are experienced in the local environment and on completion you will then be ready to go almost anywhere underwater with confidence.

The temperate waters around Melbourne are a an excellent training ground as they are a little challenging which always always proves to be rewarding. The waters are cool, there are currents and you will need to have appropriate thermal protection and therefore carry appropriate amounts of weights(typically some lead).

So yes, this is one of the best places to learn. After completion of your Open Water Course you will then be able to confidently travel around the world and dive or simply dive in your ‘backyard’.

Suggest doing a few shores dives and also look at going out on one of the local dive boat charters also. You will find no end to the variety on offer.

So give it a go today!