Melbourne is the perfect location for learning to SCUBA dive for so many reasons. For example you may be planning on diving in the tropics, you may be planning to dive in cooler waters, or simple just have a passion to experience the underwater world.

The Victorian temperate waters of the Port Phillip Bay and Bass Strait provide an immense wildlife diversity. The bay ranges in temperature from 10 degrees celcius in winter to 23 degrees celcius in summer and the ocean ranges from 11c in winter to 21c over the warmer summer months.

These temperate waters offer a myriad of wildlife and underwater landscapes. You will be pleasantly surprised with the bright hues and colours of the soft corals and sponges and astounded at the variation in habitats of the local creatures.

The theoretical modules of dive courses can be done either with an Instructor or e-Learning can be done online at a reduced rate. There are many training provider in and around Melbourne, we will be posting a list on SDM in a few days.