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    The Auriga was a 3 mast iron barque built in 1869 in Sunderland, UK. Her overall length was 54 Metres, with a beam was 9.2 Metres. She was scuttled directly outside ‘The Rip’ (Port Phillip Heads) on February 5th, 1930.

    She now sits in 56 Metres of water, the bow sits upright to around 6 metres, the midships rises above the sea floor by around a metre and the stern can also be seen on a single dive. There are many catfish (ling) hiding under the steel sections of the wreck. The is a large variety of sponges sporting bright hues such as purple, orange and red.

    It can only be dived when there no ships due to pass through the heads.

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    Water type: Salt
    Water Temperature: 10-20C
    Certification: Tech60
    Depth: 56M
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