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    The VHB-53 (sister ship of the VHB-54) was a steel hopper barge, she was scuttled on 19 February 1971 in the ships graveyard. She now sits in around 56 metres of water and is 46 metres long and a little under 6 metres wide.

    The stern can be penetrated as per the photos. There are some horizontal beams at midships which seem to keeping the wreck in-tact.

    There is also a large wheel (cog) that sits on the ocean floor on the starboard stern around 15 metres away, this adds even more to a great dive, whereby you can swim over the wheel and then back to the ship before ascending.

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    Water type: Salt
    Water Temperature: 10-20C
    Certification: Tech60
    Depth: 56M
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