A group of local divers have come up with a great idea. The wall at Blairgowrie Pier is need of some maintenance. To help ensure the regions’ habitat is going to be preserved, the group is temporarily relocating the sponge systems and invertebrates to a temporary location until the 150M of wall is replaced, 15M at a time.

We see this a positive step towards the way people can live their lives as it involves being actively involved in helping others, our community and our planet. It also has larger ramifications as while it is a small area of our backyard, projects like this can springboard others such as creating and rebuilding reef systems.

This is a great community project and suggest anyone interested in sustainable living, marine biology, local habitats or like working with like minded people, then get involved. There are many underwater and above water tasks to get your ‘hands dirty’ on.

More information or register your interest at https://www.facebook.com/OperationSpongebob/